Restore Your Cracked Tooth in Just One Day with Same-Day Crowns

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Are you dissatisfied with the stains on your teeth? Did you recently crack a tooth and need to get it treated soon? A dental crown can support the weak tooth and also hide the discoloration. But not many people like the idea of waiting to get a dental crown. Don’t worry. Now you can get dental crowns in just one day with our revolutionary CEREC technology.

Same-day crowns in Reston VA are just as natural-looking and effective as regular crowns. The difference is that getting regular crowns requires multiple visits to the dentist, but with same-day crowns, you get them in one visit.  They are designed to look and feel just like your original teeth, giving you a flawless, natural smile.

When should you get a dental crown?

A dental crown can help support a damaged tooth and also enhance the appearance of your smile. You should get a dental crown in the following situations:

  • Repair damaged teeth

  • Prevent the need for some extractions

  • Prevent the need for some root canals

  • Guard against damage from grinding

  • Alleviate pain from chewing with cracked teeth

  • Fill gaps between teeth

  • Restore stained teeth

Discover the amazing benefits of getting same-day dental crowns

  • It Saves You Time: One of the major benefits of getting CEREC crowns is that all it takes is just a single visit to our office. In one visit we can take impressions of your teeth, use special computer software to design your crown, then create your crown and place it. No more having to wait weeks to restore your smile and no need to keep coming back in our office.

  • No Messy Dental Impressions: Another amazing feature of CEREC technology is that we use a special handheld device that snaps images of your teeth that are then uploaded onto our computer and turned into 3D images. These digital images provide precise measurements and it only takes a couple of minutes. No messy molds that have to sit on your teeth for minutes. This is quick, comfortable and easy.

  • No Temporary Dental Crown: Another thing that our patients will be happy to hear is that with CEREC crowns they won’t need to wear a temporary. We all know that temporary crowns are notorious for being a bit flimsy, bulky and awkward. With same-day crowns, you never have to worry about wearing a temporary for weeks on end.

  • A Perfectly Fitted Crown: The CEREC technology uses digital cameras to take precise measurements. Along with it, the CAD software helps in designing the crown perfectly. This ensures that the crown fits over your tooth perfectly with very little adjustments needed. You’ll be amazed by how comfortable your new crown feels from the very beginning.

With CEREC crowns, you can restore your teeth and get the perfect smile you desire in just one visit to the dentist! If you want to learn more about CEREC same-day crowns and how they can improve the health and appearance of your smile, contact the best dentist for same-day crowns in Reston VA today!