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If you are searching for a dental clinic with a dentist and dental team who can efficiently use highly advanced dental technologies in Reston, VA, then Expressions Dental Care is one of the best options for you. When searching for dentists in Reston, Dr. John Han is on top of the list. His expertise in providing high quality and comfortable dental procedures and treatments in the fields of general, cosmetic and emergency dentistry is already widely recognized.

Digital X-rays

Also called radiographs, digital x-rays are among the most useful equipment in the dental industry. X-rays can cater to the needs of patients, regardless of their age, who need to undergo more detailed dental examinations.

With the help of digital x-rays, even the tiniest problems in your oral and dental health can be detected. Among the many problems found through x-rays are the following:

  • Deep dental cavities
  • Decay Affecting smaller areas beneath your existing fillings or restorations and in-between your teeth
  • Infections affecting jaw bones
  • Gum diseases
  • Dental Tumors
  • Developmental abnormalities affecting various areas of your teeth
  • Cysts or abcessess

The use of digital x-rays in Expressions Dental Care guarantees careful, accurate and effective screening procedures and diagnosis. Getting dental x-rays at Dr. John Han’s clinic assures you of a speedy, comfortable and safe treatment. Radiographs do not need chemical processes, so there is less radiation and your safety is guaranteed. You can also expect the dental images to be available within just a few seconds.

Intraoral Camera

The intraoral camera will screen your mouth live on a computer screen, allowing you a clear idea of the condition of your teeth. With the help of this advanced camera, it is possible for you to see what Dr. Han and his team sees in your mouth. As a result, you can easily cooperate with the team, ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment. You will also receive updated information about your dental procedure. For your dental team, the intraoral camera will be useful in visualizing and detecting issues that cannot be seen by manual inspection or examination.

Diagnodent® Laser Cavity Detection

As one of the most useful equipment for detecting cavities, Diagnodent laser can provide a safe way to scan your teeth and detect any hidden decay. The good thing about this laser technology is that it supports the earliest detection of cavities. Dr. Han will be able to apply smaller fillings that are not as invasive, thereby safely preserving your natural set of teeth.

Soft Tissue Laser

The use of laser technology in diagnosing dental problems and treating them ensures precise results. One of the most useful laser technologies used in the dental industry is the soft tissue laser. The soft tissue laser decreases the time needed to complete dental procedures.

This device can also minimize or fully eliminate the need to use sutures and scalpels. It reduces the pain associated with undergoing dental procedures while also speeding up the healing and recovery process. It also decreases the sensitivity of your teeth and aids in the process of curing mouth ulcers, and cold and canker sores. Dr. John Han uses a less invasive diode laser for various dental applications including routine dental cleanings, cosmetic gum reshaping and root canal treatment.

Isolite System

The Isolite System can improve your overall dental experience since it reduces the time needed to perform a dental procedure while also raising your comfort level. The system features a light which offers enough illumination inside your mouth. This guarantees more efficient dental treatments. Because of the convenience offered by this system, there is also a great possibility that the duration of your dental appointment will be significantly reduced.

The Isolite System also guarantees the utmost comfort since this allows your jaw to rest during the entire dental procedure. Another benefit of the Isolite system is that it significantly reduces or fully eliminates the need to use rinse breaks and cotton rolls. Expect to experience all the benefits provided by this system by seeking the help of Dr. John Han at Expressions Dental Care.

CT Scanner

We perform a CT scan on each patient to aid in diagnosis and prevention. Once the scan is complete, we project the image on a 40” screen and go over the results with each patient. This added touch allows patients to be fully informed and educated about their oral health and to understand the reasoning behind each dental recommendation for treatment.

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