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Sometimes during your twenties, a third set of molars begin to grow in called wisdom teeth. More often than not the growth of the wisdom teeth can cause shifting throughout the rest of your mouth and even be very painful. When this happens, the best choice is to get your wisdom teeth removed.

When do I get my wisdom teeth removed?

Because the rest of your teeth are often set in place for many years before the wisdom teeth come in, this can leave very little room for this last set of molars to surface in your mouth. That means that they can grow in at all sorts of different angles, such as horizontally or even outwards or inwards. In any case this can cause other serious issues with the rest of your mouth. Some people may be able to last a little while without getting their wisdom teeth removed, but in most scenarios getting them removed will be required within a short time period after they have grown in.

Be prepared for the growth of your wisdom teeth by asking your dentist if they are likely to grow in soon. By preparing in advance for your wisdom teeth, you can often get them removed before they become a serious issue. In order to check to see if your wisdom teeth are coming in, your dentist will need to take an x-ray of your mouth. But after this is done, then you'll have a much better idea of how to approach your wisdom teeth removal. This is likely a good idea to consider once you get into your late teens or early twenties and the preventative care will help you avoid serious issues in the future.

How much does wisdom teeth extraction cost?

The price for having your wisdom teeth extraction can vary depending on whether or not you have dental insurance and if the process is taken care of under your coverage. If your wisdom teeth have not been impacted, then they extraction process can be much less expensive to you. However, if they have been impacted, you may be look upwards of a few hundred dollars. This obviously varies from dentist to dentist and, as mentioned, if you are covered with health insurance.

Why choose Dr. John Han, DMD?

If you are looking for a reputable and reliable dentist for your wisdom tooth extraction, then Dr. John Han at Expressions Dental Care is a superb choice. Located in Reston, VA, Expressions Dental Care works individually with each patient in order to assure that they are completely comfortable with any dental process that is required. Dr. Han can fill you in with more information about having your wisdom teeth removed and the process that is required in order to do so. If you’ve been pushing off getting your wisdom teeth removed and the pain has become unbearable, trust in Dr. Han to straighten everything out for you.

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