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Custom sports mouthguards are essential to keeping your mouth safe while playing sports. Many oral injuries happen during sports, especially between the ages of 8-24. Mouthguards are mandated in many professional sports such as football, field hockey, ice hockey, lacrosse, and wrestling.

Any physical activity or sport can lead to an oral injury or much worse. This preventive measure is used in all sports and for more than just protecting a perfect smile.

Why are Sports Mouthguards important?

Many people do not understand the importance of protecting their mouth with a Sports mouthguard. Sports mouthguards are an important injury preventive measure for athletes of all ages. Mouthguards help protect against serious injuries such as broken jaws, cerebral hemorrhages, concussions and upper-neck injuries. The sports mouthguard helps avoid scenarios in which the lower jaws jams into the upper jaw. By allowing the soft tissue in the mouth to be away from the teeth, mouthguards can also prevent cuts or bruises to lips, tongues, and cheeks. Sports mouthguards also protect broken teeth, root or bone damage, and other oral injuries.

Many high school students have orthopedic work done with braces. Sports mouthguards can prevent the damage to these as well as your child’s health. A small investment in a sports mouthguard can go a long way to maintaining your child’s oral health. The National Federation of State High School Associations reports that contact sports have a 10% chance of sustaining a significant oral or facial injury each season and more than a 50% chance during their high school careers. It comes as no surprise sports mouthguards are a necessary protective measure for all high school athletes.

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