Our Virginia Dental Offices are just off the Reston Parkway

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Directions to our Reston Virginia Dental Offices

When providing directions for clients seeking emergency dental care ar our Virginia dental offices, we’ll often mention the Reston Parkway as an easy route to reach us. We’re located just east of Reston Parkway on State Road 5320, or Sunrise Valley Drive, as it is also known. With the Reston National Golf Course right behind our building, we’re easy to find.

Cosmetic Repair of Teeth

Emergency dental care is often required when there has been an accident of some sort that has damaged the teeth. In addition to dealing with the immediate concerns related to lost or broken teeth, Expressions Dental Care offers a full range of cosmetic dental options to restore your teeth to their pre-accident state. Even if the teeth were chipped, broken or lost some time ago, it’s not too late to look into returning your smile to one that you are proud to show off.

Porcelain Veneers

When a tooth has been chipped or broken, porcelain veneers are what you can expect to be recommended from a top-rated dentist like Dr. John Han. Porcelain veneers adhere directly to your teeth to provide a smooth natural looking surface. Repair of broken and chipped teeth are not their only application. They are also used to simply improve the look of a smile that has some minor misalignment or jagged edges on the teeth.

Dental Implants

When an adult loses one or more teeth due to an accident or dental decay, the option of dental implants has become a sound choice for many of our Reston dental patients. Dental implants are quite different from dentures and provide several advantages.

When a tooth or several teeth are missing, your facial muscles and jawbone react to the change in structure. Teeth help form the outline of your face. Missing teeth can cause your jawbone to shrink and your face to become drawn in, looking older than it should.

Rather than being a removable replacement, a dental implant involves a true implant of the root of a tooth where the missing tooth used to be. As am implant, the root is able to anchor itself to the patient’s jawbone and provide a solid base to adhere the crown to, just as if it were the patient’s own tooth. Implants can be done for the replacement of a single tooth or for multiple teeth. For some patients, the implantation of an entire arch of teeth can be done, avoiding the need for a denture plate.

Dental implants are bound to continue to grow in popularity as consumers realize the superior performance provided by implants versus dentures. Implants feel just like your natural teeth. There are no concerns about them coming loose while talking or chewing, as might be the case with traditional dentures. When maintained properly, dental implants can provide a lasting solution for missing teeth.

Tooth Colored Fillings

Even when our Reston dental patients are seeking simple fillings to repair decay in their teeth, they need not lose the beauty of the teeth to ugly silver colored fillings. Expression Dental Care offers tooth colored composite fillings. The material used for these fillings not only provides a natural looking surface, it also offers a better filling solution than traditional fillings since it bonds more easily with your tooth. Better bonding means the dentist doesn’t need to remove as much of your healthy tooth prior to applying the filling. So, it isn’t simply cosmetically superior, but functionally superior as well.

Teeth Whitening

This offering under Expressions Dental Care cosmetic dentistry services is the single service that is generally not related to repairs. Teeth whitening is all about improving the look of your smile; but as many of have come to realize, when you look better, you feel better. You exude more confidence when you know you look your best.

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t about getting people to notice your teeth; it’s just the opposite. Yellowed, crooked or missing teeth are more likely to be noticed than straight white teeth. It’s just not the kind of attention that you want your mouth to have. When you feel confident about your smile, you’ll smile more. If there’s anything this world can use more of, it is more smiles.