Invisalign Treatment in Reston, VA

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Invisalign is a revolutionary way to straighten your teeth, without the hassle and obvious appearance of traditional braces. Nobody wants to have crooked teeth, and traditional braces can be uncomfortable and require more maintenance and upkeep that the Invisalign approach to teeth straightening. With traditional braces you have limitations on what you can eat and many people are self conscious about the look of having brackets and wires visible in their mouth. With Invisalign you can eat whatever you want and the aligners are easily removed for cleaning, something that you could never do with traditional braces. The main question when it comes to Invisalign is the price and whether or not insurance will cover the procedure or not.

Invisalign Costs and Coverage for Invisalign

Invisalign costs: On average, the cost of Invisalign treatments is between $3,500.00 and $5,000.00, however this is dependent upon the severity of your specific alignment problems. Simple alignments can cost as little as $2,000.00 for up to five sets of aligners. Your dentist will be able to give you a better, more exact cost estimate for your Invisalign treatments. Some dentists offer a discount for new patients or other promotional reasons, this is the best time to go in for your evaluation and cost estimate.

Many insurance policies will cover a portion of your Invisalign cost of the Invisalign treatments, which typically last 15-18 months, with visits to your dentist every 6-8 weeks. Depending on your dental coverage, you may not have to pay much at all for Invisalign brand treatments, considering the national average is $5,000.00. Even if your insurance only covers a small percentage of the cost, the Invisalign treatment is well worth the cost. You will achieve the straight, beautiful smile you have always wanted and not have to worry with the “metal mouth” look. Contact Expressions Dental Care today for a straighter, brighter smile.