Local Dental Care Near Fairfax, VA

If you're looking for local dental care in Fairfax, VA for you and your family, Expressions Dental Care offers a wide range of dental services to help you achieve optimal oral health.

Our team of dentists and hygienist is highly experienced in working with adults and children alike, and we always strive to make everyone feel comfortable.

We provide a full range of treatments for the entire family so everyone maintains healthy teeth and gums. We focus on fixing common dental issues and prevent future problems, but we're also happy to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted with the help of cosmetic dentistry.

A Full Range of Local Dental Care Near Fairfax, VA

We offer a complete range of dentistry services at our dental office near Fairfax, VA to provide you and your family with healthy and confident smiles.

Some of the dental services we offer include the following:

  • Oral exams — we advise our patients to visit twice a year. Dr Han uses advanced technologies to check up on your oral health and recommend treatments if he discovers any concerning factors.
  • Dental cleanings — we clean your teeth and protect them from the build-up of bacteria using innovative techniques. It essential to care for your teeth at home, but most people typically miss some areas of the mouth in their daily hygiene routine, so regular professional teeth cleaning can reduce your risk of decay and gum disease.
  • Periodontal care — we use nonsurgical treatment methods to reverse the effects of gum disease and reduce bacteria. Gum disease affects millions of people every year and might lead to tooth loss without proper treatment, so we provide you with periodontal care to avoid this.
  • Dental fillings and sealants — if Dr. Han discovers during an exam that you have some tooth decay, we use realistic dental fillings to rebuild your tooth and protected from further damage. We can also use sealants to give the teeth an extra layer of strength to protect them against cavities.

Cosmetic Dental Services Near Fairfax, VA

Besides taking care of the oral health of the entire family, Dr Han also offers comprehensive cosmetic dental services near Fairfax, VA.

The main function of cosmetic dentistry is to enhance the appearance of your teeth, gums, and bite. We use dental materials such as porcelain veneers, crowns, bonding, or gum grafts to enhance your smile.

At Expressions Dental Care we offer a full range of cosmetic dental services that include straightening your teeth, whitening, repairing of chips and rough spots, closing gaps between your teeth, and using porcelain crowns for covering broken teeth.

Restorative Dental Services Near Fairfax, VA

At Expressions Dental Care, we provide a comprehensive range of restorative dental services for patients near Fairfax, VA. Dental damage can cause more than cosmetic issues because it may lead to discomfort and health complications, so we strive to provide gender and anxiety free dentistry to correct any issues.

Restorative dentistry has multiple benefits, including restoring tooth function, preventing tooth loss, preventing other teeth from shifting out of place and increasing your self-esteem while improving your oral health.

Some of the restorative dental services we offer include the following:

  • Dental crowns and bridges — dental crowns and bridges cosmetically enhance your smile while also restoring your bite so you can enjoy all your favorite foods once again. A tooth crown is often the best choice if you have a chipped or broken tooth. Bridges are typically a good option for patients who have multiple missing teeth in a row. We use advanced technology to create the best results using dental crowns and bridges to give you a sparkling and functional smile.
  • Dental implants — you should never leave a missing tooth untreated, and implants are one of the best ways to protect your smile and regain your confidence. Dental implants act just like your natural teeth because they are placed in the jawbone and become a permanent fixture in your mouth. They are also the greatest days for crowns and dentures.
  • Dentures — we offer partial and complete dentures to restore your smile after tooth loss. Dr Han can give you personalized recommendations based on your needs to determine the best type of denture for you.

Family Dental Care Near Fairfax, VA

Your family's oral health is our optimal concern here at Expression Dental Care. Whether your teenager needs invisalign or a mouth guard, wisdom tooth extractions or you all need your teeth cleaned, we are here to help.

Besides providing a full range of treatments for the entire family, we also focus on fixing common dental issues while preventing future problems. Our team offers dental advice that's tailored to your particular case so you can avoid invasive or costly treatments down the road.

Emergency Dental Care Near Fairfax, VA

Expression Dental Care offers emergency dental services near Fairfax, VA. We can help you with all types of emergency services, such as; root canals, tooth extractions, cracked or broken teeth and dental crowns.

We always make sure that you feel welcome and comfortable when you come in for emergency dental care. We provide a selection of patient amenities, gentle care, and sedation dentistry if necessary.

If you're wondering what is considered a dental emergency, the answer is any issue that requires immediate attention from your local dentist, situations that involve higher levels of pain.

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