Beautiful Smile, Teeth cleaning   •   February 15, 2022

Tobacco & Your Teeth: The Risks of Chewing and Smoking | Best Crown Dentist in Reston

Chewing and smoking tobacco are known to cause severe health problems, particularly in the lungs. But the risks to your mouth and teeth can be just as extensive and alarming. If you use tobacco, our dentist in 20191 recommends to stop. Here’s what tobacco can do to your oral health. Chewing Tobacco According to the […]

Blog, Teeth cleaning   •   February 1, 2022

Are You Brushing your Teeth Properly? | 20191 Dentist

Many people are surprised to learn that, for years, they have actually been brushing their teeth the wrong way. Our dentist in 20191 agrees that brushing your teeth the wrong way may cause oral health problems. Learn how to brush your teeth the right way and you will protect them for many years to come. […]

Been A While Since You Had Your Teeth Cleaned?

At Expressions Dental Care, we provide comprehensive full service dentistry for patients in Herndon VA and surrounding communities. On the most basic level, that includes checkups and cleanings. These are routine dental health matters, although there is nothing routine about the service we provide. We are devoted to providing each patient with personalized care in […]

Teeth Cleaning in Reston Prevents Cavities

Regular teeth cleaning by a professional hygienist is an essential part of dental health. Those of us at Expressions Dental Care in Reston urge our patients to have regular cleanings and checkups every six months. You might think six-month cleanings aren’t all that important. After all, you brush and floss twice a day. But a […]