Our Virginia Dental Offices are just off the Reston Parkway

Directions to our Reston Virginia Dental Offices When providing directions for clients seeking emergency dental care ar our Virginia dental offices, we’ll often mention the Reston Parkway as an easy route to reach us. We’re located just east of Reston Parkway on State Road 5320, or Sunrise Valley Drive, as it is also known. With […]

Broken tooth? There is help!

How can you get a broken tooth? One of the most common dental emergencies there is falls under the heading of “broken tooth“. Broken teeth come about, most commonly, when there is minor (or major) decay already present in the tooth. Because the tooth is partially decayed, enamel, and as acorollary, the structure of the […]

Emergency Dental Care

Do You Need Emergency Dental Care? What type of dental problems would be covered under “emergency dental care?” Well, let’s take a look at one of the most common reasons people search out the dentist: pain. Tooth aches, tooth pain, sore gums around the teeth, and swollen areas around the jaw are some of the most common reasons people […]

Reston Dentist-Finding Emergency Dental Care

Emergency Dental Near Me Accidents have a way of happening when we least expect them. Emergencies involving your mouth and teeth can be particularly painful, and bring with them no small measure of anxiety. In addition to our full complement of cosmetic and routine dental services, Expressions Dental Care also offers emergency dental care for […]

Reston National Golf Course Next to Our Dental Office

Our Dental Office When you think of a trip to a dental office, “comfort” isn’t typically the first word that springs to mind. At Expressions Dental Care, we’re dedicated to providing a soothing, relaxing environment that challenges your preconceptions about dental care and delivers the most comfortable experience possible. From the free WiFi in our […]