Teeth Cleaning in Reston Prevents Cavities

Regular teeth cleaning by a professional hygienist is an essential part of dental health. Those of us at Expressions Dental Care in Reston urge our patients to have regular cleanings and checkups every six months. You might think six-month cleanings aren’t all that important. After all, you brush and floss twice a day. But a […]

Keeping Dental Patients Comfortable: Sedation Dentistry in Reston

Nearly three of every four adult Americans have anxiety about going to the dentist. The idea of drills and sharp objects in your mouth can be a little scary. At expression dental care in Reston, we understand this, which is why we offer sedation dentistry. The comfort of our patients is our number one goal. […]

Oral Health   •   February 2, 2018

Teen Teeth: Adolescent Oral Health

If you are a teenager or the parent of a teenager, today’s Expressions Dental Care post is for you. Today’s post discusses dental issues of special concern to adolescents. Dental risks for Reston teens include both developmental and lifestyle-related factors. At Expressions Dental Care, we see tooth decay and gum disease far too often in […]

Dental Crown One Stop Shop?

What’s a Crown? I imagine that a few folks out there don’t like spending a lot of time at the dental office. It’s just not a place you want to “hang out” at. There are drills, needles, scary masks, and so forth. I get it. Well, let’s just say, through a series of unfortunate events, you […]