Dental, Dentistry   •   March 28, 2014

Drugs in Dentistry

There had been different methods or treatment used to get relived from pain in shape of drugs or medicine since the birth of dentistry thousand years ago. Medications and dental care through drugs suggested by dentists before, between, and after dental or oral treatment have varied functions for better oral health of the patient. Today […]

Dentistry   •   March 20, 2014

How Egyptian Dentistry Was Born 4600 Years Ago?

One of the most famous and the oldest history of dentistry is an Egyptian history, which is around 4600 years old. The research has shown that dentist could have existed as early as 3000 BC in Egypt. It is believed by the researchers that Ancient Egyptian mummies have revealed that dental cavities as well as […]

Dental, Dentistry   •   March 6, 2014

The History of Dentistry, Revealed!

Dentistry has been around since oral diseases have been around. Every culture has tried multiple techniques and methods of different dental procedures we use today. Of course, ours have become more developed and we have advanced technology to help us, but dentistry can be traced all the way back to ancient China. It’s interesting that […]

Dentistry   •   February 8, 2014

Invisalign Treatment in Reston, VA

Invisalign is a revolutionary way to straighten your teeth, without the hassle and obvious appearance of traditional braces. Nobody wants to have crooked teeth, and traditional braces can be uncomfortable and require more maintenance and upkeep that the Invisalign approach to teeth straightening. With traditional braces you have limitations on what you can eat and […]

Dental, Dentistry   •   January 4, 2014

Myths about Dentistry

There are some things about teeth that are just not true. These are just a few dentistry myths: Sugar rots your teeth. Eating three candy bars, then brushing your teeth, is less harmful to your dental health than eating one, and not brushing afterward. Put Aspirin ON your Toothache. … if you want to burn your […]