Root Canal   •   February 10, 2014

Average Cost of a Root Canal in Reston, VA

Root canals are among the most frequently performed dental procedures performed every year across the US. Indications for a root canal include infection of the pulp inside of your tooth, cracks, deep decay, chips and trauma resulting in a broken or otherwise damaged tooth. When your dentist performs a root canal, the pulp is removed […]

Virginia Dental News   •   February 9, 2014

Average Cost of Dental Implants in Reston, VA

When you decide to get dental implants it is an investment in your quality of life. You don’t want to have to remove dentures and deal with the hassle associated with that. Dental implants are a great option for those of you who are in need. The procedure consists of replacing your current roots with […]

Dentistry   •   February 8, 2014

Invisalign Treatment in Reston, VA

Invisalign is a revolutionary way to straighten your teeth, without the hassle and obvious appearance of traditional braces. Nobody wants to have crooked teeth, and traditional braces can be uncomfortable and require more maintenance and upkeep that the Invisalign approach to teeth straightening. With traditional braces you have limitations on what you can eat and […]

Dental, Dentistry   •   January 4, 2014

Myths about Dentistry

There are some things about teeth that are just not true. These are just a few dentistry myths: Sugar rots your teeth. Eating three candy bars, then brushing your teeth, is less harmful to your dental health than eating one, and not brushing afterward. Put Aspirin ON your Toothache. … if you want to burn your […]

Dentistry   •   September 10, 2013

What Are Dental Veneers?

Dental Veneers are, quite basically, a thin porcelain covering for a tooth. That is the most basic definition that can be given for them. Veneers are used in a vast variety of ways. From fixing chips in a person’s tooth to brightening someone’s smile. The cosmetic usage of dental veneers is very widespread. When people are […]